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Things to do in Aruba

Browse our list of local recommendations in Aruba and find affordable places to stay, the best restaurants and things to do.
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With an incredible electrifying energy, pulsating music, and beyond festive atmosphere, Carnival is the biggest celebration of the year in an island known for throwing the world’s biggest and most […]

Butterfly Farm

When you are staying in the best family resort in Aruba, it only makes sense that you would want a family-friendly activity or two to enjoy with everyone. The Butterfly […]

New Pickleball Court at Aruba Beach Club Resort

You are welcome to enjoy our brand new Pickleball outdoor courts at Aruba Beach Club & Casa Del Mar. Yes!, the courts are open and ready for you ? For [...]

Aruba Aloe Museum and Factory

Another great activity for all ages who are staying at a family resort in Aruba, you will get a full tour of the aloe fields, the museum, and the factory […]

Christmas Dinner

California Light House

Visitors can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree view of the entire island from the lighthouse. But everyone says that the best time to be there is sunset for the most […]

Aruba National Archaeological Museum

A fantastic place for guests to come and see first hand the rich culture and history of Aruba. Located in downtown Oranjestad close to the beach hotels.

Aruba’s Top Best Ranking Restaurants in TripAdvisor

Aruba's Top Best Ranking Restaurants in TripAdvisor: A Gastronomic Journey At the Aruba Beach Club Resort, we understand that a truly memorable vacation includes indulging in the finest culinary experiences. [...]

Betico Croes Day

Gilberto François (Betico) Croes, the man affectionately known as the Father of the Aruban Nation is honored every year on his birthday; January 25th. Scarcely in any other part of […]

Flag Day

Every year on March 18th, the One Happy Island celebrates what is commonly referred to as “Aruba Day”, but the official title is National Anthem and Flag Day. That is […]


Downtown Oranjestad is absolutely overflowing with fun things to do. From numerous retail shops, souvenir boutiques, restaurants, gaming venues, and several other activities, you are literally within a few minutes’ […]

Alhambra Mall and Casino

Whether you are itching to get to the gaming tables or simply want to relax with some shopping and casual dining, Alhambra is just minutes away from the most popular […]

The Best Beaches You Should Visit When in Aruba: Paradise Awaits!

The Best Beaches You Should Visit When in Aruba: Paradise Awaits! Welcome to the sunny shores of Aruba, a true Caribbean gem that beckons families and adventure seekers alike. With [...]

King’s Day

HEAR YE: April 27th marks the birthday of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands and celebrations are in order! The people of Aruba will be honoring his majesty with an […]

Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park lies on Aruba’s east coast. Conchi is a natural ocean pool sheltered by craggy rock formations. Beaches include Boca Prins and Dos Playa, a turtle nesting site. [...]

Fort Zoutman

A living monument to some of Aruba’s early history, Fort Zoutman plays host to the weekly Bon Bini music festival where thousands of years of the island’s story are told […]

Jazz Festival

The Casibari Jazz Festival is making its inaugural debut Sept. 20th of this year at the Casibari Music Café and Grill in Aruba and believe us when we tell you […]

7 Best Beaches

Surely anyone visiting a beach front resort would be interesting in knowing where the best local beaches are to enjoy a few rays or a dip in the cool, crystal […]

7 Best Natural Places to Visit

For those who want to venture out from their beach resort in Aruba and experience a little bit of the other natural beauty that is on display in One Happy [...]

Presenting Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Aruba

Best Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Aruba: Welcome to Aruba, the sunny Caribbean island known for its breathtaking beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture. As a guest at Aruba Beach [...]

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