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Terms & Conditions

Online Booking Terms & Conditions

Our interval week runs from Saturday-to-Saturday intervals, if you happen to book outside the week interval, there is a possible room change from Saturday to the following day. Rates are subject to change without previous notice and guests may be subject to a room change on Saturday, depending/based on room availability. Check-In time is 4pm and Check-Out time is 11 am. Fees apply to check outs after 11:00 AM unless previously authorized by management.

Cancellation Policy:

1. A full stay non-refundable payment will be charged to your credit card at the time of booking. It will not be refunded on cancellation or no-show and not subject to rescheduling.
2. A full Refund will be issued, only if a written notice of cancellation is received by the Aruba Beach Club Resort not later than thirty (30) days prior to the arrival date.
3. If booking date and arrival date is less than 30 days, your booking is automatically non-refundable.

Maximum Room Occupancy:

Superior Studio – maximum occupancy is four (4) persons
Deluxe Suite – maximum occupancy is five (5) persons
Royal Suite – maximum occupancy is six (6) persons

Should there be more than the maximum number of guests per unit, then the additional guests will be required to move to another unit at their own expense. No refunds or any other form of compensation will be issued for the failure to adhere to the maximum occupancy rule.

Unregistered parties are not permitted to spend the night(s) in any guest’s room and will be asked to vacate the premises by our Security staff if this occurs, and further action may be taken, at the sole desecration of the Club. No refunds or any other form of compensation will be issued for the failure to adhere to this rule. From time to time, the Resort may be going through refurbishment, performing required or routine maintenance and may, as a consequence, have areas of the resort not operational for guests use, or be unable to provide our guest with certain services or conveniences. You understand and accept that the Aruba Beach Club Resort has a no compensation policy for these or other circumstances. Upon arrival, you will be presented with a written document of our policies and procedures along with a Code of Conduct document. You agree that the Aruba Beach Club Resort has the sole right to remove you and/or your group from the Club with no refund or other form of compensation, if in our opinion you violate these policies & procedures and/or code of conduct policies.

You agree to return your room in the same, or better, condition that it was delivered to you. You also agree that the Club has a strict no tolerance policy to recreational drugs. Recreational drugs are not allowed in any area of our premises, including the room you occupy. If you violate this policy, the authorities will be called, and you and your entire group will be expelled from the Club with no refund or other form of compensation.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.




Please note the following procedures and conditions in addition to the online booking terms & conditions:

● Should you be checking out prior to your scheduled departure date, you will not receive a refund for the days not occupied, and you will be charged for the 13% (hotel fee) of each night not occupied.
● Family members, relatives, beneficiaries, friends, etc. renting either nightly or weekly through the ABCR rental program will not receive the owner discount (25%) or 13% (hotel fee) credit, even if the room is booked by the owner or the occupant has a written permission to utilize the room.
● If a room is booked using the member rate but is not occupied by the owner or co-owner, the non-member rate will be charged, and the additional amount will be posted to the guest’s folio.

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