Aruba Beach Club Resort, located in Eagle beach Aruba likes to introduce to you Lourdes Grotto Aruba Vacations.

Go on a road trip to the southern part of Aruba and encounter treasures on your way, like the quaint Lourdes Grotto.

The population of Aruba is predominantly Catholic, a fact that can be seen by observing the number of Catholic churches and this unique Roman Catholic shrine that was built into the rocks.

The Lourdes Grotto, named in commemoration of the famous French religious landmark, was created under the guidance of a priest named “Erkamp” and parishioners in the year 1958. The grotto, a shrine built into the rocks is located in Seroe Preto, just off the main road to San Nicolas.

A statue of the Virgin Mary, weighing 700 kilos, was hoisted into place in the grotto. Every year, on February 11 (feast of Lady of Lourdes), a procession leaves from the St. Theresita church in San Nicolas to the grotto, where a mass is performed.

The grotto is located road-side and can be visited daily. Just make sure you park safely in the event you wish to stop for pictures at this location.