Kayak at Pos Chiquito - Spanish Lagoon

Recommended by Aruba Beach Club Resort

Pos Chiquito or also locally known as Pos Chikito is a fisherman town in Savaneta  Aruba. Located on the seaside road between Oranjestad and San Nicolaas. it is part of the district of Savaneta.  It is well known for its untouched coral reef, mangroves, and turquoise water ocean view. Pos Chiquito is great for snorkeling, Diving, hiking and Kayak.

If you are interested in Kayak Tours, you should consider booking with the local companies operated by habitat from the same area Pos Chiquito. With a kayak tour, you can connect with nature, enjoy the calm waters inside the coral reef protection barrier and visit wonderful underwater corals and enjoy the wild sea diversity of fishes, and more.


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