Aruba Beach Club Resort, located in Eagle beach Aruba likes to introduce to you History and Culture Aruba Vacations.

You’ll find traces of Aruba’s history and culture on cave walls, pastel facades, and the faces of our happy people.

From our ancient Caiquetio Indian roots, through Spanish and Dutch rule, to our modern day standing as a constituent country of the Netherlands, Aruba’s history dates back centuries.It’s what’s made us the proud, diverse collection of over 90 unique nationalities – a melting pot of people all living happily together, welcoming new visitors and old friends with a sunny smile and warm embrace.Aruba’s history isn’t confined to a museum. It’s embedded in the features of every smiling face. It’s sculpted deeply into the rocks and gold mill ruins and Oranjestad sculptures that have endured for generations. Historic vacations to Aruba bring you face to face with our incredible story. View our historical vacation packages, or build your Aruba historical vacation to explore the centuries and stories of our happy home.