Aruba Beach Club Resort, located in Eagle beach Aruba likes to introduce to you San Nicolas Aruba Vacations.

San Nicolas, a unique city you must visit on your next trip

Rich in history, culture and architecture, a true reflection of the inhabitants of San Nicolas and their daily lives. The city is full of dualities. San Nicolas is both old and new, strong and traditional yet constantly evolving.

San Nicolas’ history and people

​Aruba’s history as a multicultural destination initiated in San Nicolas when the refinery was opened nearly a century ago. This attracted people of all nationalities to the island. The influx of new cultures and influences shaped the industrious pioneer-town into a friendly, tight-knit community that is unique for Aruba.

When culture and heritage are easily attainable

​Besides its beautiful diamond in the rough appeal, San Nicolas City boasts three distinctive museums: the Museum of Industry, Community Museum and the Carnaval Euphoria exhibition.All easily accessible by any means of transport.

Revel and explore San Nicolas’ artistic and instagrammable side.

​San Nicolas’ artistic side has always been prominent. With Aruba’s Carnival originating in the city, the artistic development was set in motion. San Nicolas is known its fast-paced rhythms and beats. Recently, visual art through magnificent murals entered the its main street.

Discover San Nicolas at your own pace

Get inspired by these hand picked itineraries that are sure to entice and excite you with everything San Nicolas has to offer.