Aruba Beach Club Resort, located in Eagle beach Aruba likes to introduce to you Natural Wonders Aruba Vacations.

Our island paradise is blessed with a bounty of nature and variety of wonders found nowhere else.

Explore the calm sandy stretches of our west coast and the towering bocas to the north. Climb the windswept steps to the peak of Hooiberg hill, Aruba’s iconic mountaintop forged by ancient volcanoes.

In Arikok National Park, our beautiful Caribbean beaches give way to rugged deserts, towering green cacti, and limestone cliffs pounded smooth by waves and trade winds. It’s where you’ll find Fontein Caves and the Natural Pool – two of our most unspoiled and unforgettable wonders.

Discover our Natural Wonders

  • Quadirikiri Cave
  • Fontein Cave
  • Sand Dunes in Aruba

Explore Aruba’s Natural Wildlife

Aruba may be small, but our diversity of natural wonders make us home to natural attractions found nowhere else, and nature vacations you’ll never forget. From hiking in Aruba to exploring the life thriving within our natural reefs, our island beckons you to discover every surprise.

Our striking landscapes, from the windswept heights of Jamanota Hill to the quiet depths of the Guadirikiri caves, are Aruba hiking and nature travel at their finest – pure, untamed stretches carved over centuries and perfect for exploration. By foot, bike, or off-road vehicle, when you embrace our beautiful island, it embraces you right back.